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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

This past week.

I have been so busy this past week. Mostly I have been busy procrastinating! (As I do!) My daughter's sister-in-law was married last weekend and one of my granddaughters was a flower girl. She had her two eldest of her four nieces be flower girls which left two little girls without a fancy dress so my daughter offered to make dresses for all four girls. Four dresses is quite a lot and I offered to help. Jess did all the cutting out and the basic sewing and I did the finishing. This is my granddaughters at their fitting.

My daughter and her three lovelies
She loooooves this dress!
And we had two birthdays. Well, four if you count extended family, so there were lots of birthday dinners to cook and go out for. This is my baby who turned 15. Fifteen!!! So strange to have no little kids at my house. We had little kids for so long. 

Lighting the sparkler on his cake
 Oh. And at one of those birthday dinners we ate some of the broccoli I grew in our backyard. It was delicious! 

I'm hoping to get more sewing done this week. I have been English paper piecing ever since I last blogged, but it doesn't look that different! Perhaps I will do some quilting!


Pip said...

That broccoli looks fantastic, it would have tasted so nice especially as it would have been just picked.

Suzanne said...

Straight from your own garden is so yummy. The flower girl dresses came out great.

Dee said...

I cant believe how much those grandchildren have grown and changed