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Monday, 4 March 2013

Missed it!

I had my dutiful son Maxim18 take this photo last Tuesday as we drove out of Melbourne bound for Adelaide. I planned to blog about it when I got there. Never happened. Adelaide for me is like a vast black hole in which all time, strength of mind and energy are sucked from me. It's something to do with the 5am waking grandchildren, the fact that I need to catchup with family while I am there and the reasons I go there. This visit was to help Jess (picklesticks) and her family move house. It sounds like a fairly easy operation but when you add in three lively young kids (one extremely busy boy and that early riser girl) it's just not that simple. We also were there to help Molly20 move. We had a lovely time and I caught up with all my kids which was wonderful. Our daughter in law's mother is losing a battle with cancer at the moment and she is spending every available moment with her, understandably, so we didn't get to see her. These are dark days for our son and his wife, and her family.

So, I missed the end of February and the beginning of March, fortunately it all happened without any input from me. I am home now and my first job is to work on finishing the sewing room redo. I am sorely tempted to stay online and find out what the blogging world has been up to for the last week, but that won't get anything finished here, will it?


Shay said...

I know that when you come here it's never a holiday but spending time with those gorgeous grand kids of yours must be a blast.

Im not sure where any of this year is going...I blinked and we're in March !

OzRose said...

Yep blinked once or twice too! Where has it gone..time that is??? Good to hear you have your priorities right for when you got home Kris...sewing room :)

Sarah said...

You are such a great and helpful and caring mother/grandma/mother in law. Very lucky family.