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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Home again

My Bradley and I drove home to Melbourne on Tuesday. It took all day because he had some work to do on the way. Some work on the shores of Lake Alexandrina (it was such a pretty day) and at Wellington in South Australia.

These flowers were just so pretty. Like jewels. Like something old fashioned that Rachel Ashwell would put in her "shabby chic" home. I spent a lot of time taking photos and stitching while waiting. Oh. And getting sunburnt.

It was good to be home again after 5 nights away. All my Melbourne kids missed me and told me individually yesterday that I should never go away ever again. Of course, I did miss them, but it was good to visit with my Adelaide kids. (I got to see all four of them and their families.) Yesterday I spent the day washing. Sounds humdrum, but it was a pretty thrilling day for me. I have been without a washing machine since we left Adelaide so my Bradley and I picked up the washing machine just before we drove home to Melbourne. We have all our things in storage in Adelaide and are "camping" in our house in Melbourne. It makes for an interesting life. Last night I was cooking stew and it wasn't until I was reaching for the pantry door that I realised that I didn't have any cornflour to thicken my stew! I so miss my "stocked" pantry! Something we usually just take for granted. Hopefully we will have our things in a month or so. Until then, we improvise! (Or send Bradley to the shops!)


Chookyblue...... said...

love the photo.......very special.......we should all do without for a bit and we will appreciate everything more.........

Jeni said...

just pretty flowers
sounds like it was a lovely trip

Lorraine said...

Glad you had a safe trip home....having a washing machine after not having one is just the best feeling isn't it!

Shay said...

Lovely photos as usual.

Oh I fel your excitement. This time last year I didnt have a laundry for 13 weeks and I love to do washing...so glad you're able to do yours again!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous photos, Kris. What are those flowers? They look magical!

Glad you had a safe trip home and were able to visit all your kids in Adelaide.

Oh, I can understand the happiness to have a washing machine again and I can certainly relate to "camping" indoors. It really gives one an appreciation for everyday things that we otherwise take for granted, doesn't it? Wishing you well with improvising until you have all your belongings with you.