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Friday, 17 December 2010

Sewing and a headache.

I have had a headache all week. Every day I wake up with it and every day it is a little worse than the previous day. Last night it was impossible to sleep so I did a lot of tossing and turning and wandered around quite a bit. Today I got up and sat in front of the sewing machine for a couple of hours before giving up and going back to bed. Then I slept and slept and now at midnight I am quite awake. My head still hurts, but not like last night so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! I came out to the sewing machine again at 9pm this evening and had a lovely time playing with theses squares. They are in the improvisational style of Malka Dubrawsky of A stitch in Dye. I love her work! And it was so fun to do. No measuring. Just the fabric, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine! I have something in mind for these, but will keep it to myself until I see if it works.

Yesterday I sewed this glasses case. I have struggled to get anything done during the week of the headache and this just came to my mind as I searched my scrap box for the brights I needed for the improvisational piecing. Using up my scraps has been a lot of fun!

A pair of rompers I managed to finish this week for granddaughter. Rompers must be a terribly old-fashioned item of clothing because none of my kids could make out what I was sewing when I worked on these.

Me: They're rompers.
Them: Right.
Me: For a baby.
Them: Right. (long silence) So who are they for?
Me: Granddaughter.
Them: Right. (long silence) So will they fit her?
Me: Yes, I measured her.
Them: Right. (long silence) So does her Mum want you to make them?

So, here they are finished. And yes they do fit her and will be a great thing to wear on a hot, hot day. Which we have't had many of so far this summer (She said whilst listening to rain on her roof. Most unusual for us. Adelaide doesn't usually do summer rain. One day at the beginning of the month we had our entire month's average in one afternoon!), but I'm sure those hot, hot days will come.

Remember this? I finally worked out a closure for this honeybun bag. The pattern used velcro with a button on the front for decoration. I'm not a huge fan of velcro. I used the snap machine to put a couple of snaps on the front. The idea came to me as I was putting snaps on the rompers. Anyway, I must get some sleep! Don't want to tempt the headache into returning with a vengance!


Jantine said...

I loved using rompers when my kids were babies and the weather was nice and warm... No bare tummies when lifting up the baby and not too much clothing either!

Shay said...

Sorry you've been headachey all week Kris. That doesnt sound like much fun. Sinuses maybe? Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

I love rompers. Todays generation call them all-in-ones so they still do exist but they generally arent as beautiful as yours so maybe thats why they werent recognised.

You amaze me because you still managed to get sewing done in amongst the threat of an exploding head. Ive done nothing all week!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you have been up & down with headaches..nothing worse..
Love all your show & tell especially those Rompers...I have a New Old Pattern for the little cross back pinnies for little Grandie...know where your coming from..Gen Y don't Get it..lol
The look Great..
Hope you are feeling better soon..

Suzanne said...

I made rompers for all my kids but haven't for the grands...maybe I should make a couple of the granddaughter due in May. You sure did get alot of sewing done having a headache..feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Love the rompers ! I do hope your headache is gone now , take care .

Chookyblue...... said...

for some with a headache your doing pretty well...........don't be hard on yourself...........hope your head is feeling better........

Sarah said...

Rompers is such a good idea!

Ummm your headache sounds a bit not good... Have you got yourself checked out?

I really like that bag!

I have been saying there is nothing I want for Christmas but I am thinking a snappy machine might be good???

Pip said...

Hoping your headache has gone, they're not nice to have. Thanks for the link to A stitch in Dye, I seem to have been seeing a lot of improv quilting lately, it is fun to do, and something I want to do more of in the future.

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog......lovely.
I know what rompers are and yours are gorgeous!!!

quiltygal said...

Oh hun hope the better soon have a great Xmas with the family catch up with you in the New year...

Jeni said...

Hope your headache goes away
lovely show and tell

Leanne said...

I love the rompers perhaps they should make a revival. Such comfortable attire for hot weather.

Dawn said...

so funny about the rompers... got to love them... and how things change.
Hugs Dawn x x