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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sewing and a Miss 16 update

Yes! I did some sewing! Friday, as part of my tidy the sewing room adventures, I sewed a cover for the snap press. The snap press comes in a particularly ugly cardboard box and the lid won't close so it gets dusty. Not anymore! I'm really pleased with this cover. Bradley was a little surprised when he saw it. "Is that quilted?", he asked. "Why is it quilted?". Umm..... because it's pretty like that!

I planned to spend Saturday in my sewing room too, but took Miss 16 to the hospital again instead. Her elbow was still extremely painful and the heavy-duty painkillers she was taking were not making much difference at all. Despite having eight children this is only the second bone break we have done, (Up until a couple of years ago my boast was even better - no broken bones!) but the one we have done previously was not as painful as Miss 16's. So her pain seemed out of the ordinary to me. I was so glad I took her back because she got a back slab cast put on her arm (half a cast bandaged onto her arm with a crepe bandage) and she is in so much less pain today. It's hard to believe what a huge difference the back slab has made! She goes tomorrow morning to see the orthopedic surgeon to have her arm reviewed and to find out exactly what they plan to do with it. So Monday morning will be full of doctors and the hospital. I must make sure I have some stitching to take with me!


Lorraine said...

glad she is feeling better....get that hand stitching ready to go!!

Lotti said...

Love the snap press cover....it's quilted because that's what you do....men just seem to do the practical.....but women need it to be practical yes, efficient yes, but definately pretty and nice to look at....it's the whole visual thing!
Hope that the arm is feeling better....glad they got it all sorted out finally at the hospital. Hope tomorrow goes well.

Levin (and Emily) said...

take stitching, books, knitting, drinks, snacks......you could be in for a long day. but, on the plus side, we are so long to have access to good medical care which is affordable to all.
hope miss 16's pain eases soon.

Sarah said...

The poor girl. Let us know how she goes tomorrow.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope everything goes smoothly for Miss 16 tomorrow! Love the snap press cover - much nicer than a box! Where did you get the snap press from?

Julie said...

So glad to hear they were able to relieve some of her pain.

Suzanne said...

I think that's why I got so much hand work done when Daughter V was a kid...7 breaks in 7 years with lots of doctor visits (1 ankle, her jaw/nose and arms). I'm glad you took care of the pain. Keep us updated!

Rest is not idleness said...

Hope it all goes well, certainly you will get a lot of stitching done, waiting goes so much faster when you have something to occupy yourself with.
take care

Katherine said...

What a lovely cover you made for your snap press! So very, very pretty, Kris.

Oh, so sorry to hear of Miss 16's injury. Hoping she's doing much better and will be as good as ever soon!