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Friday, 26 September 2008

Miss 16's break!

Miss 16 played basketball at school this week and fractured her elbow. It is in a sling and she is miserable! Of course only she would injure herself during the last week of school. She doesn't like to miss school under any circumstances and only stays home during the holidays because there is no-one else at school. The injury meant a visit to the emergency department. A much more satisfactory emergency department visit than last week's visit. (Different hospital!) Miss 18 had an allergic reaction last week and had to stay overnight in the emergency department. Along with five other patients in beds. A couple of days later I heard the minister for health in our state government talking on the radio about how great the emergency departments in our state are. That's right, six beds in the emergency department waiting room overnight, that's a great way to run a hospital!

So I have been having a busy month. Waiting in emergency departments and at doctor's offices. (For related and unrelated doctors visits!) It all takes so much time. As we were leaving the hospital last night we had to make an appointment to see a doctor at the fracture clinic next week, and it turns out that next week is October! I mean, I knew that, but it's still surprising! Roll on October!


Lorraine said...

May October bring less time spent in emergency rooms and more in your sewing room....hope the elbow mends quickly (for everyone's sake!)

Mary said...

eeeek, that elbow sounds painful. I hope she's feeling better soon. I know what you mean about October...how can it be here so soon?! I want to make how much stuff for gifts...I have how many weeks? AAAAAAAHHHHH!

lera said...


"When it rains, it pours" is so very true. I have found that there clumps of times when my children are in the ER or doctors continually. It's either all or nothing.

Hope October is more relaxing.

Julie said...

I hope this spate of medical visits is over for your family. May you be healthy and accident-free from here on out.

Kate said...

I hope the rest of the holidays are uneventful!

Dee said...

That stuff takes up soo much time. All the waiting for someone to spend 5 minutes with you. I hope you get plenty of time for fun these holidays

Bird Bath said...

oh no, emergency is not a fun place to visit - yet alone stay. hope everybody is on the mend very soon.