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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sewing this week. For a market next week.

 See, there has been sewing happening at my place this week. Proof. Evidence. Photographic evidence even.

But it's all Picklesticks' (Jessica) sewing. Not mine. Want an animal mask for the small people in your life? If you're in Adelaide come to the Jazzy Christmas Market at Unley town hall Tuesday from 4pm to 9pm and buy one, or like Picklesticks on Facebook and check them out there!

There is also this sewing going on. Lily16 is sewing a red and white Christmas dress. The blue and white print is a dress she made a few months ago. She loves it so much she is making a Christmas dress just like it.

Oh. And this is my contribution to making this week. Pop stick Christmas trees. They are supposed to be painted. Any minute now...


Daisy Jayne said...

all looks fab and sounds like you are busy.....

Shay said...

Good Luck with the market. Those masks should sell like hotcakes !