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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My sewing room

 I have been putting the finishing touches to the sewing room this week. (Code for trying to find a home for those last few things that you never have any idea what to do with, but you think you still might need!) You can see tables, shelves, cupboards and chairs under the window. I am hoping to have a couch under the window eventually. Thought I had bought one on Gumtree, but the guy changed his mind and sold it to someone else half an hour before we were due to pick it up. Cause they could come earlier to pick it up. (You made the time dummy!) Anyway, that's my Gumtree rant. I think I have come to the conclusion that Gumtree is for people who can't handle the commitment of eBay and the possibility of bad feedback.

I am so close to having the sewing room done, but still seemingly so far from actually sewing. Hopefully that will be remedied today at some point. I do have something "making" to show you though. Maxim19 (yep, he had a birthday!) has his chain maille set up on the table at the moment. It is four in one chain maille (which means that each ring has four others going through it apparently) and it is absolutely lovely fabric. I've thought previously that a metal outfit would be truly uncomfortable to wear, but I am rethinking that. It would certainly be heavy, but this chain maille is so fluid and almost soft to the touch. Just like fabric really. Expensive fabric.

So after this blog post is published I am off to write a list and then get sewing!


Lorraine said...

Oh I hope you get to do some sewing in your room soon! Even just sitting in there with all your "stuff" around you will make you feel great! I haven't set foot in my sewing room since I got back...except to put my purchases from the trip in there.....must get in there over the weekend!

Shay said...

I'd be ranting about the Gumtree dude too. How rude !

I spent the entire weekend last week tidying my sewing room from top to bottom. Good luck with yours !